Taxi Booking & Dispatch Systems

Our History


DataheadDataMaster’s roots go back as far as 1987 when we designed, produced and installed the UK’s first data dispatch system for the private hire market.  Back then, we were principally a small electronic manufacturing company completely unknown to the taxi trade.  For several years, our products were supplied bearing the name of the leading taxi-meter manufacturers and software suppliers.

Customers soon realised however that these companies often had little or no understanding of the complexities of radio and data issues and as a result, we were the ones they turned to for help and advice.

After several frustrating years trying to work with various companies and numerous attempts to simply copy our products, we finally decided that the only way forward was to do as our customers were suggesting and develop our own software. Datahead

Having spent many years working with a variety of software packages, we knew exactly what people wanted and more importantly what their dislikes were.  Armed with this information, the EasyBook software began to evolve; but rather than “fudge” an existing package to work with data, we designed EasyBook from the outset with data use in mind.

We’ve come a long way since then but still we continue to develop our products embracing new technologies as they emerge.


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