Taxi Booking & Dispatch Systems


Dispatch System

Our EasyBook software is a completely integrated taxi booking and dispatch system. It's completely unlimited and unrestricted, making it ideal for both Hackney and Private Hire companies irrespective of fleet size. We have worked closely with our customers for over twenty five years to ensure our software contains every feature we've ever been asked for and everything comes as standard.

Key Features

  • Extremely Quick and Easy to use
  • Accepts Bookings via Phone, Text, Web, IVR or Customer App
  • High integrity intelligent auto data dispatch
  • Detailed mapping with live and historic vehicle tracking
  • Full Telephony Integration including Call Popping, Call Recording*, Text & Ringback
  • Fully Configurable to meet all your requirements
  • Comprehensive Accounts package

* Subject to phone system

What's included in the price of a core office installation:-

  • A minimum of two workstations inc monitors, keyboards & mice
  • Dual WAN Internet Router, Text/Ringback equipment
  • All networking and wiring to suit your exact requirements
  • Integration into new or existing phone systems
  • Zone planning / mapping plus preparation of custom databases
  • Staff training on site or at our centre in Warrington
  • Customer Mobile Booking Apps 
  • Online web booking directly from your own web site
  • Voice recording and storage (subject to phone system)
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