Taxi Booking & Dispatch Systems


The Office System

In business, time is money; so the ease and speed at which your staff accept bookings is crucial for any company. EasyBook performs this task with minimum of key strokes using a fast predictive database method to anticipate your every move.

By careful design, the vast  majority of bookings can be completed with just 2 or 3 key strokes, minimising the chance of error and the need for typing skills.

Key booking features include:

  • Single screen layout shows all information at a glance.
  • Little or no keyboard skills or spelling required. 
  • Fast predictive address search speeds job inputting.
  • Jobs and car locations are visible while booking.
  • Custom street database made to your requirements.
  • National database (All major cities, towns and villages)
  • Automated bookings via App, Phone, Text, Web, and IVR
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