Taxi Booking & Dispatch Systems

In the Car


These days, companies recognise the need to embrace today’s technology if they are to move forward and the modern PDA device that can be had off the shelves of most supermarkets provides the perfect solution.  In fact, most drivers already own modern phones that can do this providing they can download the necessary software app.


There are pro's and con's but overall the PDA solution wins hands down.

Benefits for the company

  • No expensive outlay or long term financial commitments
  • No ties or commitments to a specific software provider
  • Fully upgradable to make use of the latest developments
  • No fitting issues when changing vehicles or starting new drivers
  • Precisely track your vehicles anywhere in the UK
  • Virtually "throw away" technology; No expensive repairs

GPS Tracking

Benefits for the driver

  • Freedom to exit the vehicle without missing jobs
  • No tampering with the vehicle or wiring modifications
  • Built in Meter and Sat Nav functions for less clutter
  • Simple to remove when not working

Some argue they can't afford to pay the airtime charges associated with such devices versus traditional data heads, but do the sums!  Given a SIM cost of about £3 per month, it would take twenty-eight years to match the cost of a conventional data unit, which by that time it would be completely obsolete.

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