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Correct customer support is crucial to every company who puts their trust into automation so here at DataMaster we make support our number one priority offering full 24/7/365 emergency cover.  But support isn’t just about helping out with technical problems.

What our support covers:

(In short, everything is covered and you won't receive any bills from us whatsoever)! 

24/7 Emergency Support

In case of a genuine emergency, simply call us on the normal 01925 850 717 number at any time.  Please note that non urgent calls outside office hours will normally be dealt with during the next working day.  In exceptional circumstances where events such as fire or floods prevent you running your business, we can help you get up and running, usually in just minutes, to ensure your business does not suffer. 

Help & Advice

Over the years, our unique position in the trade has allowed us to see all aspects from a completely unbiased point of view.  We see both success and failure.  We know what works and what doesn’t and while it’s up to you how you run your own business, we’ll try our best to give you sound, solid advice based on our experience.

We're 100% independent and work wholly on your behalf.  We do not entertain any companies offering deals, incentives or payment to solicit your business.  So if you're looking for the best broadband connection, text back SIM card, phone lines and phone systems, always ask us first and we will try to suggest the best possible options. 


Our downloads section includes links to download DM Help our remote desktop support tool as well as downloads of instructions and the Demo download.

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